Why is it important to be able to translate into the Catalan language?

Donde se habla gallego

Where is it spoken?

Spain – Andorra – France -Italy (Alghero)

hablantes gallegos

Nº of speakers

10 million

Origen gallego

Linguistic family

Indo-European – Italic – Romance

Catalan is a Romance language spoken in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the Valencian Community (where it’s referred to as Valencian), eastern Aragon, the Franja de Ponent, and Roussillon in France, as well as the city of Alghero in Sardinia, Italy. It’s also the only official language of Andorra.

Catalan is a Romance language with a rich cultural and literary heritage. Proficiency in it opens doors to new business opportunities, as it is one of the official languages of Catalonia, a region with a robust economy in Spain.

Catalan holds official status in the areas where it’s spoken, and its use is protected and promoted by law. These areas possess a strong and unique cultural identity, and this language plays a crucial role in preserving it.

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Other Curiosities

  • Catalan has its roots in Vulgar Latin, the language spoken by the Romans, and developed in the 9th century, predating Spanish.
  • Catalan is the sole official language of the Principality of Andorra.
  • In Catalonia, Catalan is co-official with Spanish, and all official documents can be found in both languages.
  • Catalan has its own Braille system and sign language.
  • There are words unique to Catalan that cannot be translated to other languages, such as “meravella” (something that causes admiration or surprise) and “enyorança” (profound nostalgia).
  • The Catalan alphabet consists of 26 letters, with the distinct feature of having the letter “ny”.

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