How does Translate voice work?

Simply activate the microphone and start talking.

In a few simple steps, with translate voice can transform your words into an accurate translation thanks to artificial intelligence.

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Select language to translate

Explore and select from over 125 languages. Our artificial intelligence prioritizes the most used languages based on your location.

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Translate with your voice

Our AI analyzes your voice to bring you the highest quality translations.

Better results thanks to AI

Get better results translation

Experience a new level of communication with advanced translation results: from dictionaries, verbs, sayings and much more.

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Using your voice as the key instrument, Translate voice allows you to communicate with ease with anyone in the world.

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Better results translations

An extension kit to improve your communication skills.

Empower your voice translation experience with translate voice.

Take advantage of a variety of features and expand your vocabulary by understanding the proper context for each word.


Is there a more authentic way to immerse yourself in a culture than through its unique expressions?

Translate voice goes far beyond simple translation: it gives you an extensive collection of typical phrases, everyday sayings, proverbs and riddles in every language, and allows you to delve deeper into the linguistic richness of each culture.

Want to surprise your friends with a French proverb, or perhaps impress them with a Japanese riddle? With us, nothing is a problem!

Translate sayings
Verb conjugation

Verb Conjugation

Need to conjugate a verb in the present, past or future tense?

With Translate voice, every time you translate a word or phrase you will have instant access to all the verb conjugations of the language in question. t’s like carry a grammar expert in your pocket!

Learn to conjugate verbs like a native speaker and communicate with confidence in any situation.


Explore, learn and master a multitude of languages with ease!

Our Voice Translator includes a dictionary that provides clear and concise definitions, allowing you to expand your vocabulary and understanding quickly and efficiently.

In addition, with each definition, we bring you an example of actual usage, helping you understand how the words are used in various situations and contexts.



If when using our Voice Translator you need to consult more contexts where your translated word is used? we have hundreds at your service!

From formal greetings to informal and colloquial expressions, our app guides you on your linguistic journey, showing you how words are used in real life scenarios.

You will learn to speak like a true native speaker and understand the real meaning behind the words.


Discover a wide variety of technical and advanced terms.

Our Voice Translator offers clear and precise definitions so you can understand each word in its technical context.

From IT to medicine, engineering and more, our app becomes your ally in navigating the vast universe of technical terminology.

Maximum power translation

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