7 portuguese phrases and expressions for everyday use

Portuguese phrases and expressions
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Why is it important to learn portuguese expressions and phrases?

Portuguese is not one of the most important languages in the world, but it is currently the 6th most spoken.

That’s why today I’m going to talk to you about colloquial Portuguese phrases that are used in everyday life and that you can hear when you walk down the street.

7 colloquial portuguese phrases and expressions

1- ¡Não faz mal!

It is a colloquial expression used in a variety of situations and contexts, such as to downplay importance, to indicate that something is not an inconvenience, or to reassure someone when apologizing or worrying about something.

In general, it is used to convey the idea that something is not important or a problem.

Example: “Derramei um pouco de café na sua camisa.”“Não faz mal, é apenas uma mancha pequena.”

Translation: “Sorry, I spilled some coffee on your shirt.”“It doesn’t matter, it’s just a small spot”

2- Ter muita lata

Equivalent to the english “To have the gall”. It is used to describe someone who is brazen in a negative tone to criticize or reproach that behavior.

Corresponds to the English “to have the gall”. It is used to describe someone who is bold enough to criticize or reproach in a negative tone.

Example: ”Ele sempre se intromete nas conversas alheias, parece que tem muita lata mesmo. “

Translation: “He always butts into other people’s conversations, he has the gall.”

3- Muito legal

This time we have a false friend to deal with. It is not used, as it might seem, as a legal term, but to refer to something good or amazing. If you like a food, you can use this phrase to express how good it is, always with a tone of enthusiasm..

Example: “A festa de aniversário foi muito legal, todos se divertiram muito”

Translation: “The anniversary party was great, we all had a lot of fun.

Portuguese phrases -  Muito legal

4- Pentear Macacos

Indicates a clear intention to put an end to an uncomfortable situation caused by another person that we find irritating. As when someone is constantly interrupting us or asking us uncomfortable questions. Similar to the expression “Go jump in a lake”

Example: “Aquela pessoa está tentando pentear macacos, é melhor ficar longe dela”

Translation: “Send that person to jump in a lake, it is better to stay away from him/her.”

5- “Partir o côco a rir”

The expression is used when someone laughs so hard that he or she loses control from laughing so hard.

Example: Durante o filme, houve momentos em que partimos o côco a rir.

Translation: During the movie, there were moments which I laughed my head off.

6. Dar uma mãozinha

It is the english equivalent of “Lend a hand”. It is used when we are going to lend help or collaborate in something in a friendly and close way, as if we were offering a small hand.

Example: Preciso de alguém para dar uma mãozinha.

Translation: I need someone to lend me a hand.

7.Cair a ficha

It is used to describe the moment when someone understands or realizes something they had not understood before.

Example: Demorou, mas finalmente caiu a ficha e percebi que ele estava me enganando

Translation: It took time, but in the end I opened my eyes and saw that he was cheating on me.

Continue learning portuguese phrases

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