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Translate your voice between more than 125 languages. Keep your translations saved in the history and mark your favorites for quicker access.

Share, copy and listen to your text and audio translations

You will also have access to more detailed translations with smartbubbles (verb conjugation, definitions, synonyms… and more to come).

translate languages


Talk to anyone around the world remotely, regardless of distance or language. Connect with more than 150,000 users on Connect, search for them by name, email or add them by scanning their QR code.

Talk in real time

Speak and translate in real time, between more than 50 languages, from a single device. Activate the “Automic” mode for long conversations.

Use Talk in a meeting or over coffee. He is the most versatile interpreter you will find.

Talk and translate
Learn languages

Learn languages

Create smart books and start learning a language!

Select source and target languages and get up to 4000 entries for each language pair divided into different categories (Vocabulary – Expressions – Culture – Verbs – Travel – Technical).

Exclusive content by professional translators to guarantee a 100% native translation.

Enjoy the latest advances in artificial intelligence
applied to translation

Features you will love

Translation advanced

Advanced translations

Get much more accurate translations thanks to native human translations


Get definitions of thousands of words with examples and meanings.


Discover all the verb tenses of hundreds of verbs in different languages


Save your favorite translations so you don’t lose them and always have them at hand.

Change color

Change the color of the translations and distort them to your liking


Discover the Automic function, to talk without being in front of your device.


Classify your translation history to keep them always organized.

Talk in real time

Maintain real-time conversations regardless of language.



Connect with anyone remotely.

Talkao certificates

Get your Talkao certificate by passing culture and learning categories.

Smart books

Create smart books to learn languages and much more.


Discover every day curiosities of all kinds that will not leave you indifferent.