How can an image be easily translated?

Easily translate images using your phone’s camera.

Scan and translate with accuracy and convenience at your fingertips.

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Instant translation with
the camera

Translate images with text

Instantly capture and translate text with the speed and precision of our AR technology.

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Translate directly from
the Gallery

Translate images from gallery

Receive instant translations for images selected from your gallery.

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Translation with augmented reality (AR)

Translate images with augmented reality

Interpret your environment using AR and translate it in real-time and multiple languages.

Focus, take a photo and translate

Use Talkao’s image translator in conjunction with your cell phone camera to obtain precise translations of your surroundings. Scan text on various surfaces, translate objects in augmented reality (AR), or choose images from your gallery for immediate translation.

Our image translator provides an innovative experience without limitations. It is perfect for travelers, students, businesspeople, and anyone who needs to communicate in multiple languages.

At Talkao, we take your privacy seriously. We never share your data with third parties, ensuring 100% confidentiality.

Your information is completely secure with us.

Traductor Cámara

With the image translator, you can easily understand any environment by using your camera as a tool.

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Choose from more than 125 languages.

We offer a variety of languages to facilitate clear and efficient communication worldwide.

Take a look at the list of over 125 available languages.

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Those who have tested the image translator have reported…

5 estrellas

I did not anticipate it to work so well, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It looks fantastic.

Jorge Marín

Jorge Marín

5 estrellas

I was surprised!!! it is very practical and easy to use.


Laura Peinado

5 estrellas

This practical app has great AI and supports multiple languages.


Christian Casanova

Explore Talkao’s many features beyond image translation…

Man giving an advice
icon text translator

Translates text

Our AI can accurately translate text into over 125 languages, regardless of complexity.

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Voice Translator

Record audio and have your voice automatically translated into any language.

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Translate documents

Translate PDFs, DOCs, TXTs, and XLSs, among other formats, into any language.

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Translate in real time

Instantly translate your voice with a single device, as if you had a personal interpreter in your pocket!

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Translate live videos

Translate live lectures or conferences using our augmented reality (AR) technology.

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Learn a new language

Access exclusive content translated by native speakers. Explore over 4000 entries of verbs, vocabulary, expressions, and technical terms.