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Expresiones en inglés para Viajes
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Whenever we set out on a journey to a Spanish-speaking country, we all aim for confidence and thorough preparation. An integral part of this preparation is acquiring key Spanish travel expressions.

Mastering these phrases will not only improve your communication capabilities, but also aid in understanding local dialogue, thereby facilitating a smoother, more enriching travel experience.

Let’s delve into some of the most indispensable Spanish expressions for globetrotters.

Spanish expressions for planning a trip

Expresiones en inglés para Viajes

Reservar un vuelo

  • Meaning: Book a flight.
  • Example of use: “Necesito reservar un vuelo a Nueva York.”
  • Translation: “I need to book a flight to New York.”
  • How and when to use it: Use this expression when you are talking about booking air travel.

Hacer las maletas

  • Meaning: Pack your bags.
  • Example of use: “Haz las maletas, nos vamos mañana.”
  • Translation: “Pack your bags, we’re leaving tomorrow.”
  • How and when to use it: Esta frase se utiliza generalmente cuando estás a punto de irte de viaje y necesitas empacar tus cosas.

Planificar un itinerario

  • Meaning: Plan an itinerary.
  • Example of use: “Necesito planificar un itinerario para nuestro viaje a Europa.”
  • Translation: “I need to plan an itinerary for our trip to Europe.”
  • How and when to use it: Use this expression when you need to talk about the organisation of your travel activities.

Spanish expressions during the trip

Coger un vuelo

  • Meaning: Catch a flight.
  • Example of use: “Tengo que coger un vuelo temprano en la mañana.”
  • Translation: “I have to catch a flight early in the morning.”
  • How and when to use it: This expression is useful when you need to discuss your flight plans with someone..


  • Meaning: Check in/Check out (usually in a hotel).
  • Example of use: “Tenemos que hacer el check-out antes de las 11 AM.”
  • Translation: “We need to check out by 11 AM.”
  • How and when to use it: Use these expressions when talking about your accommodation during the trip.

Ponernos en marcha

  • Meaning: Hit the road, usually in car.
  • Example of use: “Nos ponemos en marcha al amanecer.”
  • Translation: “We’re hitting the road at dawn.”
  • How and when to use it: This is a commonly used expression when you are about to start a car journey.

Spanish expressions after the trip

Desfase horario

  • Meaning: Feeling of tiredness due to time zone changes after long flights.
  • Example of use: “Tengo un terrible desfase horario después de volar de Nueva York a Tokio.”
  • Translation: “I have terrible jet lag after flying from New York to Tokyo.”
  • How and when to use it: Use this expression when you feel tired after a long flight.

El gusanillo de viajar

  • Meaning: Travel bug.
  • Example of use: “Después de mi viaje a Italia, me ha picado el gusanillo de los viajes.”
  • Translation: “After my trip to Italy, I’ve been bitten by the travel bug.”
  • How and when to use it: Use this expression to describe your love or desire to travel.

El viaje de mi vida

  • Meaning: An unforgettable or once-in-a-lifetime journey.
  • Example of use: “Mi viaje a la selva amazónica fue el viaje de mi vida.”
  • Translation: “My trip to the Amazon Rainforest was the trip of a lifetime.”
  • How and when to use it: Use this expression to describe a trip that was truly special and memorable.

In short

Mastering these Spanish travel expressions will empower you with enhanced communication skills for your forthcoming journeys to Spanish-speaking destinations. Whether you’re in the planning stages, traversing new locales, or recounting memories of your adventures, these phrases will prove indispensable.

Is there any other Spanish travel lingo you’re curious about? We welcome your suggestions in the comment section!

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