Native spanish expressions about love and relationships

Expresiones nativas en inglés para hablar de relaciones
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Have you ever been so in love with someone that you felt butterflies in your stomach? Or had a crush so strong that you believed it was love at first sight?

These are universal feelings that we all experience, no matter where we come from. However, the way we express them can vary depending on our language and culture. In this article, you will discover 16 native Spanish expressions related to love and relationships.

These love expressions in Spanish will give you a better understanding of how Spanish speakers see and talk about relationships, from falling in love to getting married and the difficulties that can arise along the way.

Spanish expressions about the beginning of a relationship

We start with some expressions that describe the beginning of a relationship:

Native spanish expressions about love and relationships

“Tener un flechazo por alguien”

This spanis expression about love is used when someone is intensely attracted to another person, often in a slightly obsessive way and usually in secret. It is common among adolescents and young adults.

Example of use: “Creo que he tenido un flechazo por el mejor amigo de mi hermano. Me pongo nerviosa cada vez que está cerca.”

Translation: I think I have a crush on my best friend’s brother. I get nervous every time he’s around.

“Invitarla a salir”

This expression means to ask someone out on a date. It is a term commonly used when one person shows romantic interest in another.

Example of use: “Voy a invitarla a salir. Espero que diga que sí.”

Translation: “I’m going to ask her out. I hope she says yes.”


This phrase is used to describe a situation where two people feel an instant connection and get along very well from the beginning.

Example of use: “Hemos conectado de inmediato. Tenemos mucho en común.”

Translation: “We hit it off right away. We have so much in common.”

“Hacerse el/la difícil”

This expression is used when someone is playing hard to get in the other person’s way to increase the other person’s interest.

Example of use: “No puedo decir si realmente no está interesada, o si simplemente se está haciendo la difícil.”

Translation: “I can’t tell if she’s really not interested, or if she’s just playing hard to get.”

Spanish expressions of love and affection

Native spanish expressions about love and relationships

“Enamorarse locamente”

This phrase means to fall deeply in love with someone, often suddenly and unexpectedly.

Example of use: “Me enamoré locamente de ella en el momento en que la vi.”

Translation: “I fell head over heels in love with her the moment I saw her.”

“Amor a primera vista”

This expression describes the situation in which someone falls in love with another person the first time they see him or her.

Example of use: “Fue amor a primera vista. Supe que ella era la indicada para mí en cuanto la vi.”

Translation: “It was love at first sight. I knew she was the one for me as soon as I saw her.”

“Estar colado/a por alguien”

This phrase is used to describe someone who is completely captivated or in love with another person.

Example of use: “Está completamente colado por ella. No puede dejar de hablar de ella.”

Translation: “He is completely smitten with her. He can’t stop talking about her.”

“La niña de sus ojos”

This expression is used to describe someone who is very much loved or appreciated by another person.

Example of use: “Su nieto es la niña de sus ojos. Ella le presta atención constantemente.”

Translation: “Her grandson is the apple of her eye. She dotes on him constantly.”

Spanish expressions on engagement and marriage

Moving on to a more serious level of the relationship, here are some phrases related to commitment and marriage:

Native spanish expressions about love and relationships

“Pedir matrimonio”

This expression refers to making a marriage proposal. It is an informal and colloquial way of describing this event.

Example of use: “Decidió pedirle matrimonio el día de su aniversario.”

Translation: “He decided to pop the question on their anniversary day.”

“Dar el si quiero”

This phrase is a way of saying that they are getting married. It is a spanish expression about love very common.

Example of use: “Van a darse el si quiero el próximo verano.”

Translation: “They’re going to tie the knot next summer.”


This is another informal and colloquial way of referring to getting married. It is similar to “dar el si quiero”.

Example of use: “Se casaron en una pequeña ceremonia privada.”

Translation: “They got hitched in a small, private ceremony.”

“Sentar la cabeza”:

This phrase means deciding to live a quieter and more stable life, often by getting married or having children.

Example of use: “Ahora que estamos casados, planeamos sentar la cabeza y formar una familia.”

Translation: “Now that we’re married, we’re planning to settle down and start a family.”

Spanish expressions of relationship difficulties

Angry couple

“Estar en crisis”

This expression is used to describe a relationship that is going through a difficult period and may be about to end.

Example of use: “Su relación ha estado en crisis desde que tuvieron esa gran discusión.”

Translation: “Their relationship has been on the rocks ever since they had that big argument.”

“Tomar distancia”

This phrase refers to the situation where two people lose contact or become less close over time, often due to lack of communication or interaction.

Example of use: “Solíamos ser mejores amigos, pero nos hemos distanciado con los años.”

Translation: “We used to be best friends, but we’ve drifted apart over the years.”

“Tener un encontronazo”

This expression is used to describe a serious quarrel or disagreement that causes tension or the end of a relationship.

Example of use: “Tuvieron un encontronazo sobre dinero y no han hablado desde entonces.”

Translation: “They had a falling out over money and haven’t spoken since.”


This phrase is used to describe the end of a romantic relationship.

Example of use: “Decidieron romper después de salir juntos durante cinco años.”

Translation: “They decided to break up after dating for five years.”

In short

Native spanish expressions about love and relationships offer an insight into how spanish speakers see and describe their relationships.

Love is a universal language, but the way we express it can be unique and fascinating in each culture.

Universal love


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