Expresiones en inglés sobre ocio

Spanish expressions about leisure

Discover the best spanish expressions about leisure to enjoy and communicate like a native speaker. Let’s go!

Portuguese phrases and expressions

7 portuguese phrases and expressions for everyday use

Discover colloquial Portuguese phrases and expressions that will improve your fluency. Master the art of speaking like a local and surprise your classmates with your new language skills.

Expresiones en inglés para negociaciones

Spanish expressions to negotiate

Discover 10 native Spanish expressions to negotiate that will make you stand out at any negotiating table. Want to take your negotiation skills to the next level?

inglés para describir situaciones

Native spanish expressions to describe situations

Discover 10 common Spanish expressions to describe situations and problems. Improve your ability to communicate and master the art of speaking Spanish like a native.

Expresiones en Inglés sobre el clima

8 spanish expressions about the weather

Have you ever heard “estado por las nubes” or “roto el hielo”? In this article we will explore Spanish expressions related to the weather. Improve your Spanish with these native expressions.



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