Why choose Talkao?


We offer the best tools so that language is not a handicap to reach new goals.



We use technology and innovation as a means to improve people’s lives. We are nonconformists.


We are a horizontal team, open to new ideas and proposals to achieve new objectives.



We listen to our users to offer them the tools that best suit their needs.

Features you will love


Translates into more than 125 languages with the combination of different translation engines.

Translate files

Upload your PDF documents and translate them instantly

translate photos

Translate photos

Translate photos with state-of-the-art OCR technology and recognition

Translate objects

Translate objects around you in real time.

Learn languages

Learn native phrases and culture of different countries.

Talk in real time

Have a real-time conversation in any language.


Talk remotely no matter where you are in the world.


Get definitions and all verb tenses of the translated sentences analyzed.

Augmented reality

Translate everything around you with the latest Augmented Reality technology

Translation engines

Get the most out of your translations thanks to the sophisticated combination of translation engines of our Talkao API

Enjoy the latest advances in artificial intelligence
applied to translation

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