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Where is spanish spoken

Where is it spoken?

Spain (there are other co-official languages in some regions, such as Catalonia, Galicia and the Basque Country).

spanish speakers

Nº of speakers

46 millones (Spain)

Linguistic family

Linguistic family

Indo-European – Italic – Romance

Not to be confused with Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, also known as Castilian, has its historical roots in the northern parts of the Iberian Peninsula. Over the centuries it has flourished and spread to the south and west to become the main language of what is now Spain.

Through the pens of iconic authors such as Miguel de Cervantes in his famous ‘Don Quixote de la Mancha’, it is the language that has enchanted generations.

As the official language of Spain, Castilian has a rich variety of dialects and accents. However, it is Northern Castilian, or ‘standard’ Spanish, that has gained the most recognition on the world stage.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), located in the heart of Madrid, is the ultimate authority on the regulation and standardisation of Spanish for those interested in learning the language.

It offers speakers and learners a window to a world rich in tradition and literature, a language that resonates with history, culture and passion.

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Languages most commonly translated into Spanish

SpanishSpanish EnglishEnglish
SpanishSpanish FrenchFrench
SpanishSpanish GermanGerman
SpanishSpanish PortuguesePortuguese
SpanishSpanish ItalianItalian

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Basic expressions in Spanish

Advanced vocabulary

ChirigotaTypical Cadiz carnival music group, with a carnival character, which sings mainly in the streets and offers the city humorous coplas.
CachondeoThis word refers to a situation of fun and joking in the Spanish context.
SobremesaThe time after a meal when people sit around chatting.
TrasijadoSomething that is in disrepair or disorder.
TapeoActivity that involves going from bar to bar to sample tapas.

Other curiosities

  • Happiest language: According to a study by the University of Vermont, Spanish is the happiest language in the world, based on the use of positive words.
  • Letter Ñ: Spanish is one of the few languages to use the letter “ñ”. It was introduced by medieval scribes to save space.
  • The Spanish alphabet: The Spanish alphabet originally had 29 letters, but in 2010 the RAE eliminated the letters ‘ch’ and ‘ll’.
  • Global language: Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers, after Mandarin Chinese.
  • Royal Spanish Academy (RAE): Founded in 1713, the RAE is the institution that regulates the Spanish language and produces the official dictionary; its motto is: “Limpia, fija y da esplendor”.
  • Arabic influence: An astonishing 8% of Spanish vocabulary comes from Arabic, due to almost 800 years of Muslim occupation of the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Spanish and science: Spanish is the second most used language for scientific communication after English.

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