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Language barriers? No more! Enter into conversations around the world thanks to our innovative instant translation tool.

With our Real-Time Translator, say goodbye to misunderstandings. Now, conversations in different languages are simple and stress-free.

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Select your languages

Select language translator

Select the language you are going to use and the language you want to translate to, and get ready to chat.

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Speaks and translates instantly

Translate in real time

Just activate the microphone and we will do the rest, transforming your words into the language you have chosen in real time.

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Automatic recognition

Translate your voice in real time

Turn on the AUTOMIC option and we will let the conversation flow, automatically detecting the language you are using.

Translating in real time is as easy as …

App translate voice

Using your voice as your main ally, you will be able to communicate fluently with anyone in the world.

Choose from 45+ languages

We offer you an incredible variety of languages, ensuring that you can interact effectively with people from all over the world.

We have more than 45 languages available, and we keep adding more to the list.

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Mejora tus destrezas en la comunicación

Can you imagine having a translator available 24/7 in your pocket?

With Talkao Translate, you can improve your language skills, immerse yourself in new cultures and bridge the gap between different worlds.