Why is it important to be able to translate into the Portuguese language?

Where is portuguese spoken

Where is it spoken?

Brazil – Portugal – Mozambique – Angola – Guinea-Bissau – East Timor – Equatorial Guinea (not the main language) – Macao (China, as co-official language) -Cape Verde – Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe

portuguese speakers

Nº of speakers

257 million

Linguistic family

Linguistic family

Indo-European – Italic – Romance

Portuguese language, spoken by over 250 million people, is an official language not only in Portugal, its historical origin, and Brazil but also in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world owing to Portuguese expansion. The two variants, Brazilian and Portuguese, are mutually intelligible, although they differ in pronunciation, vocabulary, and structure.
As Fernando Pessoa famously remarked, “My country is the Portuguese language“, and this sentiment is present in both the Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro dialects, forging cultural connections between Brazil and nations across Africa and Asia.

Brazil’s stable economic growth has made it a global hub for investors and enterprises. Proficiency in portuguese language can open doors in the job market, enabling effortless communication with major Brazilian corporations and facilitating business endeavors in an expanding economy. Portuguese enhances tourism by enabling full cultural immersion in Brazil and the unique customs of other Portuguese-speaking African nations.

Moreover, Brazil hosts some of the leading universities in Latin America. In today’s era of digital progress, remote learning has become more available, and mastering Portuguese enables access to these eminent academic programmes.

Whether for cultural, economic or academic reasons, having proficiency in Portuguese language is a valuable asset in the globalised world of today.

Translate portuguese Brasil - Curiosities

The most translated languages into Portuguese language

SpanishSpanish Portuguese (Brasil)Portuguese (Brasil)
EnglishEnglish Portuguese (Brasil)Portuguese (Brasil)
FrenchFrench Portuguese (Brasil)Portuguese (Brasil)
ChineseChinese Portuguese (Brasil)Portuguese (Brasil)
GermanGerman Portuguese (Brasil)Portuguese (Brasil)

Learn to speak in Portuguese language like a true native

Basic expressions in Portuguese

Advanced Vocabulary

SaudadeLonging/Melancholy for something absent
FadoTraditional Portuguese song/destiny/fate
DesenrascançoImprovisation or making do
TertúliaSocial gathering or chat
XávegaTraditional fishing art

Other curiosities about the Portuguese language

  • Unstoppable growth: After English, Portuguese is the fastest growing European language in the world.
  • Galician origin: Modern Portuguese derives from Galician Portuguese, spoken in the region of Galicia and northern Portugal.
  • Influence in Japan: Japanese words such as “pan” (bread) come from Portuguese, due to Portuguese traders who came to Japan in the 16th century.
  • Differences between Brazil and Portugal: Brazilian and Portuguese Portuguese have notable differences, comparable to British and American English.
  • Multiple accents: There are more than 10 different accents in Brazil and several in Portugal.
  • Lusophony: The term “lusophony” refers to the set of cultural identities of Portuguese-speaking countries in the world.
  • Ancient Arabic influence: During the Moorish occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, many words of Arabic origin were introduced into Portuguese.
  • Reformed orthography: In 2009, an orthographic agreement was implemented to unify spelling in all Portuguese-speaking countries.

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