Why is it important to be able to translate into the modern arabic language?

Where is modern arabic spoken

Where is it spoken?

Egypt – United Arab Emirates – Iraq – Algeria – Jordan – Kuwait – Lebanon – Libya – Morocco – Oman – Qatar – Saudi Arabia – Sudan – Syria – Tanzania – Yemen – Chad – Comoros – Djibouti – Djibouti – Eritrea – Tunisia – United Arab Emirates – Sudan – Syria – Tanzania – Yemen – Chad – Comoros – Djibouti – Eritrea – Tunisia

modern arabic speakers

Nº of speakers


Linguistic family

Linguistic family

Afro-Asiatic – Semitic – Central Semitic

Modern Arabic, also known as Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), is a simplified form of Classical Arabic, which was the language in which the Quran was originally written.

This version of Arabic is widely used worldwide and is the language variety taught in schools, broadcast in the media, and used in literature.

Unlike its informal equivalents, such as the dialects spoken in Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco, Modern Standard Arabic is unique and not mutually understandable with these regional variations.

Despite its broad usage across different areas, local subtleties heavily influence the pronunciation.

Modern Arabic language translator - curiosities

The most translated languages into the Modern Arabic

ArabicArabic EnglishEnglish
ArabicArabic FrenchFrench
ArabicArabic SpanishSpanish
ArabicArabic ChineseChinese

Learn to speak in Modern Arabic like a true native

Basic expressions in Modern Arabic

Advanced vocabulary

التكنولوجيا – al-tiknūlūjiyāTechnology
الصحة – aṣ-ṣiḥḥahHealth
التعليم – at-taʻlīmEducation
الاستدامة – al-istidāmahSustainability
التجارة الإلكترونية – at-tijārah al-iliktrūnīyahE-commerce

Other curiosities

  • The Arabic language harbours over twelve terms for ‘love’, each with their own delicate meaning.
  • A plethora of Spanish words, almost four thousand, have origins from Arabic. These include commonplace words like “sugar”, “guitar”, and “rice”.
  • Arabic Scripture is read and written from right to left, in contrast to most Western languages.
  • Religious and spiritual importance is attached to Classical Arabic, the language in which Islamic scripture, the Qur’an, was penned.
  • In Arabic, the placement of adjectives comes after the noun, unlike many Western languages.
  • Classical Arabic is one of the oldest living languages globally, with documented history dating back more than 1,500 years.

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