Spanish expressions about health

Expresiones en inglés sobre Salud
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Health is a universally significant topic. When you find yourself in a Spanish-speaking country, be it during travel or living, possessing knowledge of Spanish health expressions becomes indispensable.

In this article, we present 10 such phrases, empowering you with effective communication in health-related situations.

Spanish expressions on prevention and healthy living

Una manzana al día mantiene al médico en la lejanía

  • Meaning: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Example of use: “Recuerda, una manzana al día mantiene al médico en la lejanía.”
  • Translation: “Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
  • How and when to use it: This expression is used to emphasise the importance of healthy eating to stay healthy.

Estar en plena forma

  • Meaning: In the pink of health.
  • Example of use: “Después de seguir una dieta equilibrada y hacer ejercicio regularmente, estoy en plena forma.”
  • Translation: “After following a balanced diet and exercising regularly, I am in the pink of health.”
  • How and when to use it: Use this expression when you want to express that you feel very healthy.

Quemar calorías

  • Meaning: Burn off calories.
  • Example of use: “Necesito salir a correr para quemar las calorías del postre.”
  • Translation: “I need to go for a run to burn off the calories from that dessert”
  • How and when to use it: Use this expression when talking about calorie-burning activities, usually in the context of exercise or weight loss.

Spanish expressions about illnesses and diseases

Estar pachucho

  • Meaning: Under the weather.
  • Example of use: “Estoy pachucho hoy. Creo que me he resfriado.”
  • Translation: “I’m feeling a bit under the weather today. I think I have a cold.”
  • How and when to use it: Use this expression when you feel a bit sick or unwell.

Coger un resfriado

  • Meaning: Catch a cold.
  • Example of use: “Creo que me he resfriado por culpa de mi compañero de trabajo.”
  • Translation: “I think I caught a cold from my coworker.”
  • How and when to use it: Use this expression when you think you have a cold.

Apretar los dientes

  • Meaning: Facing a difficult or painful situation with courage.
  • Example of use: “Odio ir al dentista, pero tengo que armarme de valor y arreglar esta muela.”
  • Translation: “I hate going to the dentist, but I have to bite the bullet and get this tooth fixed.”
  • How and when to use it: Use this expression when faced with a difficult or uncomfortable health-related situation.

Sudor frío

  • Meaning: Break out in a cold sweat due to fear or stress.
  • Example of use: “Cada vez que pienso en la cirugía, un sudor frío recorre mi espalda.”
  • Translation: “Every time I think of surgery, a cold sweat breaks out on my back.”
  • How and when to use it: Use this expression when you want to describe a reaction of fear or stress.

Spanish expressions in the doctor

Expresiones en inglés sobre Salud

Hacer un chequeo médico

  • Meaning: Get a check-up.
  • Example of use: “Mañana me haré un chequeo médico para asegurarme de que todo está bien.”
  • Translation: “I’m going to get a check-up tomorrow to make sure everything is okay.”
  • How and when to use it: Use this expression when you go for a medical check-up.

Tomarse la temperatura

  • Meaning: Take one’s temperature.
  • Example of use: “Sentía calor, así que decidí tomarme la temperatura.”
  • Translation: “I felt hot, so I decided to take my temperature.”
  • How and when to use it: Use this expression when you need to measure your body temperature.


  • Meaning: Recuperándose, mejorando después de una enfermedad.
  • Example of use: “Estuve enfermo la semana pasada, pero ahora estoy recuperándome.”
  • Translation: “I was sick last week, but I’m on the mend now.”
  • How and when to use it: Use this spanish expression about health when recovering from illness or injury..

In short

Gaining mastery over Spanish health expressions equips you with a linguistic first-aid kit. It preps you to confidently communicate, be it a routine health check-up or an unforeseen emergency. After all, health is a universal language, and now, armed with these phrases, linguistic barriers will be a thing of the past.

These expressions mark the starting point. Continue on your linguistic journey, unearth new ways to express yourself in Spanish. If you have other Spanish health phrases you’re keen on sharing or learning about, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Your input could be the much-needed phrase for someone looking to navigate health situations in a Spanish-speaking country.

Are you ready to continue exploring the fascinating world of spanish expressions? Go ahead!

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