Why is it important to be able to translate into the galician language?

Where is galician spoken

Where is it spoken?

Galicia – Portugal

galician speakers

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Linguistic family

Linguistic family

Indo-European – Italic – Romance

Galician is the primary language spoken in the Galicia region, used by 50.9% of the population. Approximately 30.84% of the residents report speaking Galician, with 20.06% indicating it as their preferred language over Spanish.

Knowledge of Galician is essential, particularly when travelling and experiencing Galicia.

Having a Galician language translator and speaking in this local dialect can help you connect with the locals and gain insider insights into Galicia’s most beautiful places.

This enables you to discover hidden gems, experience the authentic Galician way of life, and improve your overall travel experience.

Galician language translator - curiosities

The most translated languages into the Galician language

GalicianGalician SpanishSpanish
GalicianGalician PortuguesePortuguese
EnglishEnglish GalicianGalician

Learn to speak in Galician like a true native

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Other curiosities

  • During Franco’s rule, the use of Galician was forbidden, and all official communication had to be in Spanish. However, in 1983, the language was reintroduced to schools in the region.
  • The Galician language boasts seven vowels in tonic position: /i/, /e/, /ɛ/, /a/, /ɔ/, /o/, and /u/.
  • Interestingly, Galician has around 100 words that describe different types of rainfall.
  • While Galician is an official language in Galicia, it is also spoken in regions of Asturias and Castilla y León. Furthermore, there are communities of Galician speakers in Latin America who have settled there due to immigration.
  • Galician is among the oldest languages in Europe, with roots that date back to the late 9th century.
  • Until the 14th century, Galician and Portuguese were perceived to be the same language, named “Galician-Portuguese”.

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