Why is it important to be able to translate into the Corsican language?

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Corsica (France) – North Sardinia

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Indo-European – Italic – Romance

Understanding and translating Corsican language is fundamental to appreciating the cultural richness and unique identity of Corsica. Despite being a minority language with only around 180,000 speakers,

Corsican serves as a bridge to the island’s historical heritage, traditions, and natural beauty, providing an authentic and profound insight into its culture.

Translating into the Corsican language not only facilitates communication in this French region but is also crucial to preserving its language and culture. In a globalized world, keeping a minority language like Corsican alive is an act of cultural resistance and a step towards linguistic diversity.

Corsican is essential to the island’s literature, music, and art, reflecting its soul and values. Translation provides access to genuine expressions of Corsican life and aspirations through literary and musical works.

Language plays a crucial role in Corsican tourism. Learning the language can enhance tourists’ experiences by enabling more meaningful interactions with the local community and immersion in the island’s culture.

Corsican is a testament to the history of Corsica, shaped by various civilizations over the centuries.

Being able to translate to and from Corsican honors and preserves its legacy, ensuring that future generations can access and continue the tradition of an island with a distinctive and proud identity.

Corsican language - curiosities

The most translated languages into Corsican language

FrenchFrench CorsicanCorsican
ItalianItalian CorsicanCorsican
EnglishEnglish CorsicanCorsican

Learn to speak in Corsican language like a true native

Basic expressions in Corsican

Advanced vocabulary

VecchjuElderly man / Senior
SpassighjataWalk / Excursion

Other curiosities

  • Legal Status and Recognition: Despite its cultural significance for Corsicans, the Corsican language does not have official status at the national level in France! However, it is recognized and promoted at the regional level, reflecting tensions between local identity and national linguistic policy.
  • UNESCO protection: The Corsican language is classified as endangered by UNESCO, highlighting the need for preservation efforts.
  • Official bilingualism in Corsica: Although not officially recognized by France at the national level, Corsican is a co-official language in Corsica, along with French.
  • Teaching in schools: Since the 1990s, Corsican has been included in the school curriculum in Corsica to promote its use among the younger generations.
  • Links with Italian and Tuscan: Although Corsican is a Romance language with strong ties to Italian, particularly the Tuscan dialect, it has developed its own linguistic identity, reflecting the unique history and culture of Corsica.
  • Polyphonic Songs: Corsican is central to Corsica’s world-renowned traditional polyphonic songs.
  • Media: There are newspapers, radio and television stations that broadcast in Corsican, promoting its daily use.
  • Regional variations: There are two main variants, Northern Corsican (Supranacciu) and Southern Corsican (Suttanacciu), each with its own characteristics.

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