Why is it important to be able to translate into the American English language?

Where is american english spoken

Where is it spoken?

United States

american english speakers

Nº of speakers

379 million (native)

1.1 billion (global)

Linguistic family

Linguistic family

Indo-European – Germanic – West Germanic

American English is the predominant variant of the English language in the United States.

It developed from the English dialect brought over by British settlers. Moreover, it holds a substantial global presence and is spoken in many countries, serving as one of the major languages worldwide. These countries encompass Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as nations in Africa and Asia.

Proficiency in American English is critical in industries such as business, entertainment, technology, and diplomacy. It offers a crucial competitive edge in business, as most global firms rely on it as their primary mode of communication.

Moreover, it is the prevalent language in the programming and software development sphere. In addition, quite a few technical documents and resources are solely accessible in English, making it essential for clear communication and understanding.

American English is a key player in global relations, functioning as a universal language among nations and organizations. Its importance is evident in various international bodies, such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, where it is the primary means of communication.

Therefore, American English is crucial in domains such as business, education, culture, international communication, and travel.

American English language - curiosities

The most translated languages into American English language

American englishEnglish (EEUU) EspañolSpanish
American englishEnglish (EEUU) RussianRussian
American englishEnglish (EEUU) FrenchFrench
American englishEnglish (EEUU) ChineseChinese
American englishEnglish (EEUU) ArabicArabic
American englishEnglish (EEUU) PortuguesePortuguese

Learn to speak in American English like a true native

Basic expressions in American English

Advanced vocabulary

RealtorExclusively refers to a real estate agent or representative in the U.S. It’s a registered term unique to the U.S., denoting agents affiliated with the National Association of Realtors. This keyword taps into the vast U.S. real estate market.
FreewayA controlled-access highway in the U.S. This term is emblematic of America’s road infrastructure, underscoring the nation’s vast transportation network.
SneakersWhile “shoes” or “footwear” are generic terms, “sneakers” is quintessentially American. A powerful keyword that resonates with fashion trends and pop culture, it is indicative of the American lifestyle and consumer choices.
FlashlightSKnown as a torch in other English-speaking countries, this term refers to a hand-held light source in the U.S. It’s a testament to regional linguistic variations and can be a keyword in the safety, outdoor or emergency equipment categories.
MailboxSymbolic of the U.S. postal and communications framework. In contrast to the “mailboxes” or “letterboxes” of other countries, this term emphasizes the distinctive American postal system and its services.

Other curiosities

  • World ranking: English is the third most spoken language in the world by native speakers, after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. However, when considering the individuals who speak it as a second language, English takes the top spot!
  • Constant creation: American English is renowned for its capacity to adapt and create new words. The language sees approximately 1,000 neologisms added each year.
  • English vs. British: This comparison can be made between American English and British English. While in the U. S. we use the term “truck”, in the U. K. they use “lorry” – imagine the initial confusion of someone who learned British English trying to buy a truck in America!
  • War of words: The differences in spelling between American and British English are due in part to Noah Webster, who wanted to simplify and Americanize the spelling.
  • Technological influence: Many technical terms originated in the United States, such as “computer”, “software”, and “email”, which have been adopted
  • Sports and confusion: However, there are some differences in sports terminology between the U. S. and the rest of the world. For example, in the U. S., “football” refers to American soccer, while what the rest of the world commonly calls soccer is referred to as “soccer” in the United States.
  • Spanish influence: Given its close proximity to Latin America and the growing Spanish-speaking population, American English has incorporated many Spanish words, including “canyon,” “patio,” “plaza,” and “rodeo.”

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