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Where is it spoken?

Spain – France

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Linguistic family

Individual (no proven membership of any language family)

The Basque language, also known as Euskera, boasts a rich and enigmatic history. Why enigmatic? Linguists often label Basque as an unresolved linguistic mystery due to its distinctiveness. Unlike any surrounding languages, its isolation has sparked much curiosity about its origins.

It’s widely believed that Basque predates the introduction of Indo-European languages, such as Latin and Greek, to Europe. This captivating aspect highlights the deep-rooted antiquity and genuine nature of the language.

Primarily spoken in the Basque Country—a region stretching across the Pyrenees encompassing areas of both France and Spain—Basque holds not just historical depth but immense cultural significance. Yet, with all its prominence, UNESCO has marked Basque as a vulnerable language.

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Other curiosities

  • It is the oldest language in Europe
  • The language’s origin is uncertain and it bears no relation to any other known languages.
  • It was forbidden during the Franco dictatorship, but Basque is currently an official language in the Basque Country alongside Spanish.
  • The Basque alphabet excludes the letters q, w, y, ñ, and ll.
  • Euskaltegis are schools designed for teaching Basque to adults, indicating a commitment to sustaining the language.
  • Euskara incorporates various dialects that are all mutually comprehensible.

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