Here you will find news related to technology and languages. From the impact of artificial intelligence on translation to language learning apps.

Explore how these two areas come together to improve the way we learn and communicate in an increasingly connected world.

Telegu phrases

Telugu phrases and expressions

Learn the Telugu phrases and expressions most useful and break language barriers. One of the Dravidian languages spoken in southern India.

23 Jun 2023
Certified Translation

Certified Translation in the USA: Most Common Documents

Discover the importance of Certified Translations in the USA, key documents and useful tips for a successful process. Learn how to choose certified sworn translators, verify experience and how to use professional tools for accurate and high quality results.

03 May 2023
resume translation

Translation of the Resume: Stand Out in the International Job Market

Looking to stand out in the international job market? Learn in our article how to achieve a successful resume translation by considering key aspects such as choosing the right translator, cultural adaptation, industry terminology, and format. Boost your opportunities with a perfectly translated resume!

02 May 2023
neural machine translation

The challenges and opportunities of neural machine translation

Discover the latest advancements and challenges in neural machine translation, and learn about the exciting opportunities this technology presents for language enthusiasts, businesses, and more.

24 Apr 2023
app Localization

The role of artificial intelligence in website and app localization

Explore the impact of AI-powered localization on website and app translations to improve accuracy, consistency, and cultural sensitivity. Leverage NLP and machine learning to connect with global audiences and stay competitive in the digital landscape



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