Here you will find news related to technology and languages. From the impact of artificial intelligence on translation to language learning apps.

Explore how these two areas come together to improve the way we learn and communicate in an increasingly connected world.

crear voz inteligencia artificial

Creating voice with artificial intelligence (AI)

Take advantage of technology to create voice with artificial intelligence in areas such as translation. Benefits and considerations for this tool that will revolutionize content creation.

Reconocimiento voz

Voice recognition

Learn about the advantages of using voice recognition and how this technology, which is becoming more and more common in our daily lives, works.

Inteligencia artificial y traducción

Artificial intelligence in translation

How can artificial intelligence revolutionise translation? Find out what impact this new technology will have on languages.

Traducir PDF

How to translate a PDF into any language

Follow these simple steps to translate a PDF into any language and export or share it in different formats.

Telegu phrases

Telugu phrases and expressions

Learn the Telugu phrases and expressions most useful and break language barriers. One of the Dravidian languages spoken in southern India.