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It’s no surprise that learning a new language can be challenging. But despite the challenges and the time it takes to learn, there are plenty of ways to maintain your motivation and continue learning. Here, we look at how to stay motivated and make progress even when the going gets tough.

Create a Learning Plan

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated when learning a new language is to create a plan, setting yourself bite-sized tasks and realistic goals. Break down your goals into small, achievable steps and plan for a few minutes, or even just 15-20 minutes, of learning every day. This will help you gain the skills bit-by-bit, incrementally building on what you have already achieved. And when you prioritize learning in this way, it makes it much harder to procrastinate.

Choose your Learning Method

Another way to ensure you stay motivated when learning a new language is to choose the approach that suits you best. For some people, learning best takes place in a physical classroom, while others enjoy learning on their own. However, nowadays there is an array of options available, such as online courses and apps, as well as language exchange groups. Find the method that works best for you and choose it if you have the chance.

Make it Fun

Using gamification to make language learning more fun is a great way to stay motivated. Gamifying the learning process means course content is presented as a game. It not only makes you pay attention more but also gives you incentives to continue progressing. Plus, it can make learning a language more enjoyable.

Connect with Other Learners

Talking to fellow language learners is great for providing both motivation and practice. Making friends with other language learners has the added benefits of learning tips and tricks that they have picked up, plus it’s an incentive to continue learning.

Reward Yourself

At the end of the day, rewards are good motivators. When making progress in the language learning endeavor, make sure to reward yourself for your accomplishments. It could be something small like a movie ticket or a massage.

Talk to Yourself

If there’s no one else around to practice with, you can always talk to yourself in the language you’re learning. You may feel a little awkward at first, but this is an effective way of practicing if you don’t have anyone else to talk to.

Health Benefits of Learning a New Language

Learning a new language isn‘t just about staying motivated, it also has some impressive health benefits including improved memory, reduced dementia and Alzheimer’s risk, and even better multitasking skills. So, if you‘re feeling a little disheartened in your language learning journey, try to remember that the effort you‘re putting in can have long-lasting effects on your health.

To sum up, learning a new language can be daunting, but with the right approach and a little motivation, it can be a rewarding experience. By creating a learning plan, finding the right learning method, connecting with other language learners, gamifying the learning process, rewarding oneself, and speaking to oneself, learners can stay motivated and make progress. So, commit to learning a new language, and stay motivated as you take on the challenge.


In conclusion, staying motivated when learning a new language is key. Helping yourself feel excited about your hobby or passion can be the key to success. Try incorporating new hobbies and skills into your repertoire or starting a new one that you’re passionate about. You never know, you might end up landing a dream job knowing more languages than most people do!


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