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What is voice recognition?

Voice recognition is a branch of artificial intelligence that identifies words and phrases in spoken language and then converts them into a machine-readable form.

As we are surrounded by smartphones, voice assistants from Google or Amazon, smart cars, and even smart home appliances, it is easy to understand how voice recognition works.

But the reality of voice recognition is not as simple as it seems. The technology behind it is complex, despite the fact that Google has achieved a word accuracy rate of 95 percent for the English language as of May 2017.

The achievement of significant advances in this technology has been the result of close collaboration between a number of different disciplines.

It has required the collaboration of experts in fields such as artificial intelligence, computer science, signal processing, linguistics, acoustics, and physiology.
To improve and perfect speech recognition, these fields of knowledge are intertwined.

What uses can be made of voice recognition?

  • Cars: In order to have control of certain functions in the car, such as activating the GPS, making a call or playing a song.
  • Dictation: It is the most common application in the use of this technology. It automatically transcribes everything we express orally.
  • Voice command assistant: By means of previously established orders in the form of commands, we can request different actions. An example of this can be found in Google or Amazon devices for the home.
  • Smartphones or other mobile devices: Like I said before but through our phone we execute commands by voice instead of pressing buttons.
  • Disabled people: Depending on the type of disability, a voice recognition system can be used to help resolve certain situations..

This type of software is also used to generate passwords. They can be used as a key to encrypt information so that only those authorized to view the data can access it.

Applications that use speech or voice recognition

Talkao Translate

Voice recognition translation app

Talkao Translate’s voice recognition makes it possible to have real time conversations and translate instantly, allowing a fluent conversation without the need to speak other languages. A perfect tool for travelling abroad.

It also uses this technology in conjunction with artificial intelligence to make its results even more accurate. No need to type long sentences on a keyboard, just say them with your voice and let the recognition process and instant translation do the work for you.
Here is the link to the shops to download and try this voice translator.

Talkao Translate


A simple, fast and easy-to-use web application that transforms your voice into digital text based on Google Chrome’s speech recognition engine.

Go to Dictation


An Android note-taking app that adds settings to improve speech recognition results, giving you very accurate transcriptions with little or no need to edit your spoken notes.

Go to Speechnotes


This application is focused for bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters to transcribe the audio of any multimedia file, or your own voice in written format. It also has other features such as video editing or the ability to record your screen.

Go to Descript

Cortana – Alexa – Siri

The voice assistants of the big tech companies. Microsoft, Amazon and Apple offer through their own operating systems and devices the possibility to execute actions using voice commands, such as opening an application, making calls, scheduling an activity or receiving information by simply asking for it.

The future of voice recognition

There are still challenges that engineers are trying to solve to improve these types of tools.
These challenges include

  • Improve command over pronunciation, intonation and dialects.
  • Understand the context of sentences.
  • Improve quality by removing background noise.
  • Optimize the algorithm for different languages, especially minority languages.

Remember !!!

You can download our translation apps to learn languages and travel easily : available for free on Googleplay and Applestore.

Don’t hesitate to visit our Talkao website and contact us with any questions or problems you may have; and of course, take a look at any of our blog articles.

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