inglés para describir situaciones

Native spanish expressions to describe situations

Discover 10 common Spanish expressions to describe situations and problems. Improve your ability to communicate and master the art of speaking Spanish like a native.

17 Jul 2023
Reconocimiento voz

Voice recognition

Learn about the advantages of using voice recognition and how this technology, which is becoming more and more common in our daily lives, works.

14 Jul 2023
Expresiones en Inglés sobre el clima

8 spanish expressions about the weather

Have you ever heard “estado por las nubes” or “roto el hielo”? In this article we will explore Spanish expressions related to the weather. Improve your Spanish with these native expressions.

12 Jul 2023
Expresiones nativas en inglés para hablar de relaciones

Native spanish expressions about love and relationships

Immersing yourself in the native expressions of the Spanish language to talk about relationships is like exploring the linguistic heart of Hispanic culture.

10 Jul 2023
Expresiones Nativas en Inglés para la Vida Cotidiana

Native spanish expressions for daily life

10 Spanish expressions that will change your way of communicating. Find out what they mean and learn how to use them correctly. Want to speak Spanish like a native?

07 Jul 2023

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AI-based translation tools: Analysis and comparison of the best ones

We analyze for you the best AI-based translation tools available on the market. Features, comparisons and recommendations.

21 Mar 2023

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7 tips for learning a new language

Do you need learn a foreign language? With this tips you’ll learn any language that you need. Start right now!

17 Jan 2023

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10 Usefull tips for traveling easy

Useful and needful tips for travelling! Make your travel unforgettable and enjoy the experience with this tips.

09 May 2022



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