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Do you want to go somewhere, but your friends are not available or the economy is not good enough and you do not know who to go with? Young people find it increasingly difficult to fit their schedules around those around them, but today that is not a problem.

On the Internet, we have a variety of opportunities to travel in groups with people from different parts of the world. A chance to meet new people and new cultures.

We are going to see the best options and the features of each one so that you can start organizing your next trip with all the guarantees of hiring their services if you do not have anyone to make your trip with, or you would like to do it to meet new people.

Group travel – Points to consider

A good communication

In any trip, defining goals and preferences is crucial to avoid problems, and even more so when traveling in a group. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain good communication with the members of the group in order to agree on the budget, the itinerary and the division of responsibilities.

Establish a leader

In general, the group travel platforms we will see below assign a leader or coordinator who is responsible for defining the goals and preferences of the trip, as well as making quick decisions and solving problems as they arise during the trip.

Have a translator always at hand

Following the first point, if your destination is a foreign country where you do not speak the official language, a translator will be very useful to communicate and meet people more fluidly.

Nowadays, with new technologies, it is as simple as downloading a translation app and you will have a powerful communication tool in your pocket. At Talkao we have spent years developing different solutions for each user and situation, from real-time translators, voice translators or translators that make use of the cell phone camera to translate what you have around you, such as restaurant menus, signage, etc…

Group travel

Group travel platforms


When you choose your trip in Weroad, you can choose from some of its categories, depending on the type of trip you want to make: Nature and Adventure, Monuments and History, Relax and Beach, City and Culture or Party and Nightlife.

Once the trip is confirmed by the members, we must book the transportation that will take us to our destination, being able to choose the one that suits us best, without being imposed.

A few days before the departure of the trip, the coordinator creates a Whatsapp group so that all the travel companions can get to know each other, clarify doubts and other details to be specified.

The platform also offers a community where users can interact, share tips and recommendations, or plan future trips. Watch the video below to see how Weroad works in action.

Go to Weroad


Huakai is coming on strong, although they started their journey after Weroad, already reached a turnover of 3 million in 2022.

More than 5,000 travelers already rely on this platform to organize group trips from 6 to 15 people. Each group is accompanied by a coordinator to guarantee unforgettable adventures.

We can search the different trips by date, destination or type of trip (safari, express, beach and fun, sailing and total experience).

Go to Huakai


Masaya is another alternative if you want to travel alone on organized trips in small groups to any destination you want. The trip is published on the website weeks in advance with the itinerary, activities and details.

The website is updated regularly and organizes different destinations and activities depending on the time of year.

Go to Masaya

With these options, you no longer have excuses to stay at home at any time of the year, for sure you will find a trip to the place you want to go, with the advantage of meeting new people and their culture. We can only wish you… Have a good trip!

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