Expresiones Nativas en Inglés para el ámbito Laboral

Native spanish expressions for work

Discover the keys to Spanish in the workplace. Learn how to use native expressions to communicate effectively and professionally.Take your career to the next level!

05 Jul 2023
expresiones en inglés sobre deporte

Spanish expressions about sport

Do you want to learn to ‘play in the big leagues’ of communication in Spanish? Discover the most commonly used Spanish expressions about sports, transform your linguistic fluency and score a ‘goal’ in your conversations!

03 Jul 2023
Inteligencia artificial y traducción

Artificial intelligence in translation

How can artificial intelligence revolutionise translation? Find out what impact this new technology will have on languages.

27 Jun 2023
Expresiones en inglés para emociones

Spanish expressions about feelings

Discovering the language of emotions in English can transform the way we communicate. In this article, we will explore how to express joy, sadness, anger, fear, surprise and disgust in English. These expressions not only allow us to share our feelings in an authentic way, but also help us connect more deeply with native speakers.

26 Jun 2023
Traducir PDF

How to translate a PDF into any language

Follow these simple steps to translate a PDF into any language and export or share it in different formats.

24 Jun 2023

Featured posts in News

crear voz inteligencia artificial

Creating voice with artificial intelligence (AI)

Take advantage of technology to create voice with artificial intelligence in areas such as translation. Benefits and considerations for this tool that will revolutionize content creation.

21 Jul 2023
AI-based translation tools

AI-based translation tools: Analysis and comparison of the best ones

We analyze for you the best AI-based translation tools available on the market. Features, comparisons and recommendations.

21 Mar 2023

Featured posts in Learn languages

7 tips for learning a new language

Do you need learn a foreign language? With this tips you’ll learn any language that you need. Start right now!

17 Jan 2023

The benefits of learning a foreign language

Know the benefits of learning a foreign language. Improve your skills or advance your carrer among them…

16 Jul 2021

Featured posts in Travel & Culture

apps for travelling

Traveling has never been so easy! The best apps to reserve your trips

Find out the best apps for booking a travel among this top 5 apps/websites in order to search flights, hotel room, rental car…

23 Jan 2023

10 Usefull tips for traveling easy

Useful and needful tips for travelling! Make your travel unforgettable and enjoy the experience with this tips.

09 May 2022



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